söndag 16 november 2014

part of...

This sculpture is a part of a larger instalation.
Materials:  burlap, steel and wood board

I have so much ideas in my head, but the shorter days, darkness that comes everyday a bit earlier doesn't helps me in the creative process.At the end of the day you just want to drink some warm tea, put a blanket around you and listen to some jazz , half a sleep in the sofa. How do you manage these days?
In the picture you can see my latest proyect I´m working on...it is one of a serie of sculptures...I call them mood sculptures.

...mam tak wiele pomyslow... ale te krotkie dni, ciemnosci o prawie kazdej porze dnia nie ulatwiaja mi kreatywnego procesu. Koncowki dni cecesz poprostu tylko i wylacznie przeznaczyc na ciepla imbirowa herbate z miodem i cytryna, otulic sie kocem i na wpol spiaca sluchajac jazzu przetrwac do wiosny.
Jak wy sobie radzicie z tymi ciemnosciami listopada?

Na zdjeciu powyzej widzicie jedna z postaci z mojego ostatniego projektu ...nazywam je narazie "nastrojowymi rzezbami"

...tengo tantas ideas...pero la oscuridad que viene cada dia mas temprano , o mejor dicho enterna oscuridad de este tiempo del año no me ayuda en el proceso creativo.
En realidad lo que uno quiere es acurucarse en el sofá con un te de jengibre, limon y miel y escuchando el jazz esperar hasta que venga la primavera...cual receta tienen ustedes?
Arriba pueden ver una parte de mi ultimo proyecto ...las llamo "eculturas de animo"

söndag 9 november 2014


early november morning
fog and silence
coffee and cinnamon
one good morning

lördag 1 november 2014


Rainy and melancholic day. Candles and " palo santo" incense keeping me company...
I created some new necklaces....I wanted to catch some past in them...
Amber that always remains me of my childhood when I collected small beautiful pices on the beach...and ceramic beads , fired to look as ancient treasure...
everything made with help of nature and inspired by it...